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Why Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor advertising is an effective and low-cost means of communication for businesses.

With substantially more working single-parents, longer commutes and more miles being driven by a record amount of vehicles, the audience for outdoor is growing at an extremely rapid pace. All the while, the competing media has become more and more fragmented by the addition of thousands of satellite and cable TV channels, Internet sites, magazines and newspaper publications, leaving outdoor as the one medium that can’t be missed or diluted. The outdoor industry has enjoyed a recent boom in outdoor use as more businesses than ever last year turned to outdoor advertising as their most cost-effective means of reaching their customers. Billboards are high-impact as well as low-cost and they convey the message day or night and rain or shine.

With the advent of printed vinyl covering, the advertiser can also rely on a consistent photo-quality finish. It is not surprising that over 250,000 businesses used billboards to post their advertising messages last year.

Billboards are an important source for informing travelers, commuters and tourists.

Billboards are often the last advertisement viewed before the point-of-purchase and are irreplaceable when giving directional aid to travelers and tourists. Billboards provide the tourist or traveler with immediate assistance when entering unfamiliar surroundings with the need to find lodging, food or fuel.

Public opinion polls show that most Americans use billboards when traveling for immediate buying decisions. In a recent study, nearly three-quarters of the customers for budget and economy hotels were influenced in their choice of lodging by directional billboards.

An unmatched coverage, repetition and target advertising medium.

Outdoor advertising can be utilized as the primary medium or supporting medium. Numerous advertisers have had great success in utilizing billboards exclusively in promoting their products and services, while others choose to use the support of other media in their mix. However, surveys have shown that up to 80-90% of a given market can be reached with high frequency levels by solely utilizing outdoor.

Outdoor has 24-hour exposure and it is viewed over and over again reinforcing the product or services attributes. It has become a very effective means of reaching the whole population. The sheer size of billboards create a powerful visual impact on the audience that cannot be ignored. Unlike other media, outdoor cannot be turned off, tuned out, or thrown away by the consumer.

Outdoor advertising allows customers to target or pinpoint certain areas in which to promote their products or services. Your prime marketing areas are focused upon or new markets are cultivated. There is no waste of circulation as in printed media and fringe areas of radio and TV coverage. As a matter of fact, TV, radio and newspaper companies have become huge outdoor buyers – it appears the competition has even realized the benefits of using outdoor.

  • 250,000 businesses used billboards to post their advertising messages.
  • 80-90% of a given market can be reached.
  • Outdoor has 24-hour exposure and it is viewed over and over again.
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